Enchanting botanical keepsakes, thoughtful gifts & real flower jewellery. Designed & handcrafted in Ireland, shipped worldwide.

Blue flowers germander speedwell

Ethereal floral keepsake jewellery handcrafted in west Cork

I craft my real flower jewellery with the smallest, wildest flowers and sweetest blossoms from my cottage garden here in the South of Ireland. I meticulously press & dry my botanicals before encapsulating them in the highest quality, jewellers eco-resin. My flower necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are then finished in Sterling silver, 14k gold or bronze findings. You'll find all your favourite flowers from ruby red roses to bright blue forget me not, opalescent hydrangeas and the fluffiest of dandelion fluffs.  Each piece is steeped in it's own symbolism and folklore depending on the plants incorporated into the piece, making these curious little nature objects make the most thoughtful gifts for nature lovers, gardener and flower fanciers. Over the years they've woven their way into the hearts of nature lovers the world over. 

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Dandelion Wish collection..

The first piece of botanical jewellery that I made was my Make a wish pendant, with a single  dandelion seed encased in a tiny glass bottle. Since those early days my Make a Wish collection has proven to be by far the most popular choice for gift giving. Dandelion seems to speak to the heart of every grown up child, evoking distant memories of hot summer days when the grass seemed as tall you were. As a symbol of hope, wishes and dreams come true they make a beautiful gift for anyone who might like to know you're rooting for them during a tough time, when setting off on a new adventure or even on their wedding day.

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The Rose Garden

The rose collection features a range of Sterling silver and 14k gold necklaces, lockets, earrings and rings made with pressed roses in a jewel-toned rainbow of red, cerise and the palest pink. Roses are a universally symbolic and deeply sentimental flower making them a  particularly lovely gesture of love, commitment and nostalgia.

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