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Make a Wish

Real Dandelion jewellery

The make a wish collection includes a range of Sterling silver, 14k gold and bronze finished necklaces, dangle earrings and rings made with real dandelion fluff encased in eco-resin or glass.  The beloved dandelion is a symbol of hope, wishes and dreams come true, making the pieces in this collection the perfect sentimental gift for someone looking for a sweetly inspirational piece of jewellery. Traditionally used as a good luck totem in bridal bouquets, any of my dandelion seed pieces will also make a thoughtful and unique gift for brides and bridesmaids. 



Dandelion folkore & meaning

Humble little dandelions, often our first welcome glimmer of sunshine in the early days of spring are steeped in nostalgia, meaning and symbolism for so many of us but especially in Ireland. Here they are known as St. Brigids (the Spring Goddess) flower, and so are deeply connected to the ideas of Spring, fertility and new beginnings. Perhaps it is due to this connection with Brigid that Dandelions came to be included in bridal bouquets once upon a time. Including a few flowers in your posy was said to ensure fine weather on your wedding day and Brigid was seen to be responsible for bringing the finer weather after the hardships of winter. 

In French, they are known as 'Dent de Lion' meaning Lions tooth and so are considered a symbol of bravery and courage when faced with challenges in life. 

As a much loved reminder of childhood summers and the myriad of games played by the blowing of dandelion clocks,  dandelions have become a symbol of the inner child, happiness and the simple joys of life.

It's my hope that this collection captures some of this magic and inspires the bravery and joy of the dandelion in anyone who wears them.

Customer favourites from the Dandelion Wish collection

Dandelion seed sphere pendant on Sterling silver chain

      This real flower pendant features a stunning, crystal clear resin sphere full of perfectly preserved dandelion seeds hung on an 18 inch Sterling silver chain. A simple, elegant and easy to wear design that makes it the perfect sentimental gift for any occasion.

      Sterling silver dandelion dangle earrings

      These dainty and light weight drop earrings feature two tiny spheres of real dandelion seed earrings encased in eco-resin. A firm favourite with my customers and as they're finished with Sterling silver earwires making them ideal for sensitive ears.

      Mushroom and dandelion glass terrarium pendant

      A more unusual piece in the collection, this striking glass terrarium pendant is the perfect pendant for anyone who prefers more unique jewellery and statement necklaces.  Featuring two hand sculpted mushrooms, dandelion fluff and real forest moss under a strong glass bell jar, it's the perfect keepsake for any woodland witch or lover of natural history.