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The Rose Garden

Pressed flowers jewellery with Roses

For the Rose lovers, this enchanting jewellery collection features a stunning range of handmade pressed flower pendants, locketsdrop and stud earrings and little silver stacking rings. All finished in Sterling silver or 14k gold. Roses are a deeply symbolic flower across almost every culture throughout history often representing beauty, true love and commitment as well as evoking memories of grannies garden and these pieces will make a sweet keepsake gift for so many occasions. Roses are also the birth flower for June and perfect for a summer birthday.

Rose symbolism, meaning & folklore

Roses are steeped in mythology, symbolism and folklore going back thousands of years and across many cultures around the world. They are an almost universal symbol of love, beauty, passion and innocence, but were also considered a symbol of Spring and rebirth by the Romans and likely also by the ancient Celts. They have a long tradition in wedding ceremonies too of course as a symbol of commitment and devotion.

In the Greek myths, roses were created when sea water dripping from the body of  a newly born Aphrodite landed on the soil. White roses sprung up where the drops fell and so they came to represent birth, purity and innocence.

In the Roman stories, Flora the Goddess of Spring and Flowers is considered the mother of roses. When one of her favourite nymphs died, a distraught Flora begged the gods to turn her into a flower. Consenting Apollo gifts the nymph new life, Bacchus gifts her the sweetest nectar, Vertumnus gifts the finest perfume and finally Pomone a crown of flower petals to adorn her head. 

In Irish mythology wild roses grew to entwine the bodies of doomed lovers Isolde and Tristan so that even in death they can never be separated.

In English folk tales, roses played an important role in matchmaking, it was said that if a girl picked a rose on Midsummer eve, tucked it away and didn't open it again until Christmas day, she would then find it  waiting for her as fresh and beautiful as the day she picked it. If she wore this rose out, the man that picked it from her breast would be her husband.

What is the Gaelic/ or Irish for Rose?

The Irish for Rose is Rós and is where the name Róisín (little Rose) comes from. Our native dog rose is called Feirdhris in Irish and the Ogham for Rose is Ruis. In a famous 16th century ballad the Island of Ireland herself is called the Róisín Dubh, the Little Dark Rose.

What is the June birth month flower?

Both Roses and Honeysuckle are considered the birth flower for June.

Customer favourites from the Rose Garden collection:

Red Rose bud Sterling silver locket necklace

This sweet flower pendant features a single bright red rose bud carefully pressed and encapsulated in resin. Both the  teardrop locket and chain are sterling silver.

Pink rose flower necklace on 14k gold chain

This romantic little pendant features a fuchsia pink rose bud from my garden, preserved in an eco-resin sphere and hung on a glimmering gold chain. A simple yet striking and easy to wear piece.

Pink rose flower earrings in Sterling Silver 

These dainty stud earrings are made with the cerise pink petals of Rosa Ragosa, which grow happily in even the most sea swept hedgerows here in West Cork during the summer months. The posts are 925 Sterling silver and a good choice for sensitive skin.