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Oak leaf ring ~ For Bravery, Strength, Growth & Patience


Oak  ~Dair 

Language of Flowers & Symbolism: Bravery, strength, growth & patience

Few trees pull on our hearts and souls quite as much as the Oak, the backbone of the old Irish rainforests sadly almost extinct today. In old Ireland the Oak was the most sacred tree of the Druids, of the pagan God Dagda and classified as one of the seven Nobles of the Wood in old Brehon law. It is considered a magical tree with ties to the otherworld and an important element of May eve celebrations when it was used to light the Beltaine fires. Acorns were also worn as a protective charm against lightening.

Acorns also represent the innate potential for transformation contained in all life down to even the smallest seed. A gentle reminder that with strength, bravery and patience magnificent things are borne from the humblest beginnings.

This ring features a young Oak leaf picked in Spring from my garden. Using a mold made from the original plant, I sculpt the leaf in silver clay before firing and finishing the piece by hand so that all the intricate details of the original specimen are perfectly preserved.

The leaf is then set on a simple hammer textured ring band which will be made in your size. Please just select your best fit from the drop down menu. As this design is made to order, please allow 7 business days for your ring to ship.

This piece has been lightly patinaed to darken the shadows and gently bring out all the intricate details of the flower, this effect can be diminished with regular washing so please be sure to remove it before bathing.

Your piece will come packaged safely in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes complete with a thank you card that explains the heritage of the piece and a care instruction card. If you'd like me to include a hand-written note on your behalf, just leave a note in the 'message to seller' box at checkout.

  • Leaf length: 15mm
  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Notes:  Please remove before bathing.


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