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Shining Stone - Quartz crystal spinner amulet


Quartz crystal  ~ Clocha Geala (shining stones) or Grian Cloche (Sun stones)

Alternative names: Rock quartz, clear quartz, quartzite 

 Birthstone: April    Properties: Master healer, harmonizing, stabilizing

Chakra: Heart

Clear quartz is possibly the most important gemstone in Irish mythology, folklore and pre-Christian history. Closely associated with the Sí (the spirits of the dead) it was made into jewellery to adorn and protect the dead for burial, quartz beads have been excavated from cairns and burial mounds and quartz tools have been found dating back many thousands of years to Neolithic times signifying it’s importance in ancient rituals and spirituality as well as daily life. Our most well known Neolithic monument Newgrange has a quartz facade and at other ancient sites quartz stones have been erected to form portals, presumably to the world beyond the veil where the faerie dwell.

Another name for quartz is Cloche Uaisle, the noble stone reflecting again on it's association with the faerie folk (the Daoine Uaisle or noble folk) and their homes in the secret places of the hills and mountains. Considered both magical and purifying it was used by healers to cure illness in both humans and animals alike. Jewellery made of quartz was considered a powerful amulet and dipped in the waters of holy wells to amplify it’s healing and curative powers.


This pendant features a lovely quartz crystal sphere encased in a cage of ornate Sterling silver wire. Each crystal sphere has a gorgeous fragmented look that captures and reflects light beautifully.

The piece is designed for the stone to sit slightly loose inside it's silver frame so you can spin the stone around for moments of grounding or in mediation. 

The pendant hangs on a sturdy but pretty Sterling silver chain in a choice of lengths, the photo shows the piece worn on the 28 inch chain option.

Please be aware that each crystal varies in size and appearance so no two will be exactly alike.

Your piece will come packaged safely in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes complete with a thank you card that explains the heritage of the piece and a care instruction card. If you'd like me to include a hand-written note on your behalf, just leave a note in the 'message to seller' box at checkout.


  • Approximate pendant Dimensions: 25mm
  • Chain length:  24, 26 or 28 inches 
  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Notes:  Please remove before bathing.


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