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Blackthorn branch necklace ~ For Blessings, Strength & Protection


Blackthorn  ~Draighean

Other names: Mother of the Wood, Wishing ThornSloe, Black Haw

Language of Flowers & Symbolism: Blessings before or after a challenging time, fierceness, strength and protection

This necklace features a replica of a Blackthorn twig from my garden here in West Cork. I use a professional casting company to create the most beautiful Sterling silver casts of the original branch which I then solder, sand, polish and finish the casts entirely by hand in my home studio.

Blackthorn is a deeply magical tree in Irish mythology, entwined in both the worlds of  witches and faeries and considered equally protective and unlucky depending on the circumstance. A blackthorn stick (Shillelagh) was considered highly protective against evil spirits and was carried on dark nights to keep the faeries at bay while the flowering of a Blackthorn was also thought to foretell a cold snap (a Blackthorn winter). They were said to be protected by Lunantishees, a type of supernatural being (most likely a fairy) that would punish any so foolish as to cut one down.

Your piece will come packaged safely in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes complete with a thank you card that explains the heritage of the piece and a care instruction card. If you'd like me to include a hand-written note on your behalf, just leave a note in the 'message to seller' box at checkout.

  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Dimensions (inner diameter): 50mm
  • Chain length: 18 inches 


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