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Hand blown glass necklace~ Mushroom & Dandelion seed ~ make a wish


This miniature terrarium pendant features two tiny little mushrooms handmade from polymer clay and planted in a bed of real woodland moss gathered from my favourite woods here in West Cork and some dandelion wishes picked from my meadow.

The mushrooms and plants are safely preserved under a light weight but hardy glass bell jar making this a surprisingly easy to wear piece. As one of my most popular necklaces it is sure to make the gift for any budding mycologist or mushroom foraging enthusiast. 

  • Dimensions: 30mm
  • Chain length: 28 inches
  • Materials: Polymer clay, Glass, bronze plated copper, bronze plated alloy
  • Notes:  Please store away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, please remove before bathing

Although these mushrooms are made from polymer clay, the real deal are in fact the spore-filled fruiting body of an organism called a fungus. They're essentially like flowers on plants.

Mushrooms are considered good luck in a lot of cultures and indeed by many a forager too. They are deeply imbued with shamanic and spiritual significance across many cultures and in that respect they represent spiritual growth, journeying and the celebration of nature in all her beauty.  

Dandelions are a much loved symbol of faith, dreams and wishes come true. They're also a good luck charm in many cultures and in Ireland they are believed to bring good luck for your wedding day. You can browse the whole range of dandelion seed jewellery here.