Real rose locket necklace #B1

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!'

Pale pink rose buds and a sprig or two of wild mountain heather have been nestled on a bed of white moss and captured inside a tiny glass jar to make this romantic little keepsake necklace.

Roses have had a deeply symbolic meaning since the time of the Greeks and Romans, when they were affiliated with Aphrodite and Venus, the Goddess's of love, beauty and femininity up to more recent times,such as the single rose that sealed Belle's tragic fate in the much loved folk tale, Beauty and the Beast to Victorian times when a pink rose was given to symbolize happiness and a rosebud for new love.

Based on the history and folklore of these plants, I have created a truly meaningful gift for your loved one, a bouquet of flowers which will never wilt or fade away. Your new pendant will arrive safely packaged in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes, complete with a gift card.

As this piece was made real flowers and plants, take care to keep it dry and to store it away from direct sunlight when you're not wearing it.

Ruby Robin specializes in unique, keepsake jewellery for the modern day romantic. All the designs were imagined and made by Irish designer Khrystyna Marriott.

The pieces at Ruby Robin are designed to allow the quiet beauty of nature to shine, to stir the imagination, inspire wonder and encapsulate a microcosm of long forgotten memories. I make my jewellery using a range of strange and beautiful curiosities, found in the woods and on the mountain sides, on the windswept beaches and wild meadows.

'The mountains are calling and I must go.'
- John Muir

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