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Fern & teal Kyanite earrings ~ For Magic, Protection & Healing


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 Fern  ~ Raithneach

Planet: Mercury       Zodiac: Gemini

Language of Flowers & Symbolism: Secrecy, magic, protection, luck and healing

Ferns were considered an exceptionally odd and magical type of creature, in no small part because they didn't appear to produce either fruit or flowers as a plant should. The seeds were believed to make one invisible when gathered on Samhain eve and carrying them in your pocket would bring good luck in cards. Ferns were very much a fairy plant and it was thought that you could banish a fairy changling to a river or lake by turning them into a clump of ferns.

These earrings feature Spleenwort ferns cast in Sterling silver and offset with the most beautiful deep blue-green Kynaite gemstones and 22k gold accents.

The gold accents were made using the ancient Korean gilding technique called Keum Boo, in which thick 22K gold leaf is fused to Sterling Silver on a molecular level using just the right amount of heat and pressure.

These earrings have a rustic matte finish, with graduated patina. To preserve the patina please ensure you take them off before swimming and showering.

This piece is entirely hand formed, filed and polished from sheet, wire and stone with time and care in my home studio in West Cork, Ireland. 

The ear wires are made of Sterling silver.

As these are a One of a kind and very labour intensive design, they are more expensive that my standard collection. With this in mind I am very happy to offer layaway and payment installments at your own pace. If you'd like to reserve these earrings and/or pay them off gradually please just get in touch at: RubyRobinBoutique@gmail.com and I would be happy to arrange it for you.



  • Dimensions: 80x15mm
  • Earring weight:  9 grams per earring, medium weight
  • Materials: Sterling silver, kyanite, 22k gold leaf
  • Notes:  Please remove before bathing.