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Blackberry drop earrings ~ for Healing, Protection & Resilience


Blackberry  ~Smeara Dubh

Alternative names: Bramble, Briar, Blessed Bramble, Brambleberry, Blackas

Planet: Venus           Zodiac: Aries

Language of Flowers & Symbolism: Healing, beauty, love, protection, remorse

It could well be argued that Blackberries are the quintessential symbol of those last sweet days of childhood summer, when the sunlight was always impossibly golden and each day became pregnant with time and all the more sacred, as we prepared ourselves for a new cycle of schoolbooks and alarm clocks. 

In Ireland it's said Blackberries must not be eaten after October 31st (The Feast of Samhain) as on that night the Púka rides around the country spitting on them. Crawling through a bramble arch was said to grant one luck at cards while a bramble wreath hung above the door was said to keep out evil spirits. My favourite Blackberry story tells that kittens born in September (known as Blackberry kittens) are particularly naughty and troublesome to rear.

These earrings were cast from a real blackberry from my garden here in West Cork in the South of Ireland and immortalised in Sterling silver to last a lifetime.

After creating a mold and silver clay replica of the original blackberry by hand, I use a professional casting company to create the most beautiful casts of my original sculpture. I then solder, sand, polish and finish the casts entirely by hand in my home studio.

This piece has been lightly patinaed to darken the shadows and gently bring out the intricate details of the piece, please just be aware that this effect can be diminished with regular washing of the piece.

You can find the 18k Gold Vermeil version here

The blackberries hang from Sterling silver ear wires.

Your piece will come packaged safely in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes complete with a thank you card that explains the heritage of the piece and a care instruction card. If you'd like me to include a hand-written note on your behalf, just leave a note in the 'message to seller' box at checkout.

  • Length: 20mm  
  • Materials: Sterling silver
  • Notes:  Please remove before bathing.


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