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Larger Snowdrop droplet pendant


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This Sterling silver pendant features a single snowdrop specimen which I've foraged, dried and encapsulated in an eco-resin sphere with a tiny sterling silver star charm.

The resin spheres measure 20mm and the chain is 20 inches long. The pendants are capped with a hand formed silver bail. All parts are Sterling silver.

Your piece will come packaged safely in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes complete with a thank you card that explains the heritage of the piece and a care instruction card. If you'd like me to include a hand-written note on your behalf, just leave a note in the 'message to seller' box at checkout.

Snowdrops in Folklore and Mythology:

Snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis) hold a special place in the hearts of many, they truly are one of the most enchanting and elusive flowers and despite being long naturalised in the UK and Ireland they were actually introduced by the Romans. Their Latin name translates roughly as 'Milkflower of the snow' and they are also known by the folk names February Fairmaids and Candlemas Bells.

In Ireland, they're considered the flower of the Spring Goddess Bride and so are closely associated with the Celtic pagan festival of Imbolg and the eternal struggle between the crone Cailleach (who brings winter and death) and the maiden Bride (who brings us rebirth and spring).  Likely due to this association snowdrops have also come to represent fertility, death, birth, renewal and hope.

Rooted in this mythology, snowdrops remind us of the strength we have to grow through adversity and to accept transience and death as a necessary part of the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.

In the Victorian language of flowers, they represent hope, purity, modesty and innocence.

An old European folktale tells that when the world was first created, the snow needed a colour of it's own and so asked the flowers of the field for help. All refused except the humble little snowdrop, and in thanks the snow has granted snowdrops protection to grow before any other flowers can emerge from hiding in Spring.

Please note, some of these pieces may have tiny bubbles in them, the photos are an accurate representation.

  • sphere Dimensions: 20mm
  • Chain length:  20 inches 
  • Materials: Eco-resin, Sterling silver
  • Notes:  Please store away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, please remove before bathing.



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