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The Hydrangea Garden

The Hydrangea collection is a range of exquisitely delicate jewellery showcasing the often underrated beauty of Hydrangea petals in all their stunning jewel-tones. All the pieces are made with environmentally friendly resin and includes a range of jewellery gift sets, Sterling silver necklaces, studs, drop earrings and stacking rings.

Hydrangea symbolism, meaning & folklore

Not many could doubt the glorious beauty of Hydrangea flowers in all their shades from ivory white through to the deepest blues and palest pinks but their symbolism throughout cultures around the world is still a bit of a mixed bag. The Victorian language of flowers considered the showy heads of bright and brash flower clusters to represent vanity and boastfulness while in Japan (where Hydrangeas originated) it is more kindly associated with gratitude, honesty, sincerity of emotion whether joy or sadness, thanksgiving and reconciliation.  They are often offered as a peace offering of to of

As the plant is a relative newcomer to Europe, there is no Celtic or Irish folklore associated with it.

Customer favourites from the Hydrangea collection:

Blue floral wreath pendant necklace

This sweet little sterling silver necklace features a delicate miniature floral wreath composed with the smallest pressed flower petals I could find in enchanting shades of blues, pinks and mauve. To make this piece I lay a background of beautiful dusty blue hydrangea petals add layers of Sweet Alyssum, Yarrow, Queen Annes lace and Cow Parsley to create the wreath formation which is then domed over with eco resin. The pendant and chain are all 925 Sterling silver. This piece would make a particularly lovely gift for a gardener.

Turquoise blue hydrangea petal ring

The Sterling silver stacking ring features a blue hydrangea petal set under resin, available in a range of sizes it's a lovely dainty piece and perfect for layering with other rings. 

Turquoise blue hydrangea stud earrings

These gorgeous sterling silver studs are always my most popular earrings at any event I do. The pressed flower petals are the most exquisite shade of blue and look as if they are glowing under the resin. These little real flower earrings are available in a dainty 6mm size or slightly larger 8mm version, the 6mm option is the more popular choice generally and small enough for a child.