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Nature Specimens ~ The Bell jar collection

Miniature terrarium necklaces and pendants

The Bell jar collection features a range of real flower and botanical jewellery inspired by my love of mycology, natural history museums and Victorian curiosity cabinets. It includes my iconic miniature terrarium pendant necklaces, made with mushooms, dried flowers, moss and other strange things encapsulated in glass or eco-resin domes. 



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The story of the bell jar collection

This collection was inspired by a life long fascination with the often overlooked treasures of the natural world. From plants, flowers & crystals to mushrooms, bones and seashells I have collected and cherished every strange thing you can imagine as if it were gold or diamonds over my lifetime. This in turn, developed into a love of natural history museums, antique taxidermy and Victoriana which then formed the foundation inspirations for the first incarnation of my real flower jewellery. There is something inherently magical about a bell jar, it has the magical effect of transforming the minute into the magnificent. They invite us to look a little closer and to uncover the treasure that had been lying unnoticed before our eyes all along.

What is natural history?

Natural history is the study of living organisms, such as plants, animals and fungi in their native habitats. It involves the observation of objects in nature to determine the evolution, patterns and interrelationships of any and all living creatures.

What are the pieces in this collection made from?

The collection includes a range of dried flower and nature specimen necklaces inspired by Victorian taxidermy and bell jars, the  domes are either cast in eco-resin or glass. The pieces contain real botanical specimens, moss, mushrooms and crystals. The pendants themselves are surprisingly lightweight, durable and finished with long bronze or sterling silver chains.

Customer favourites from this collection

Flower garden glass pendant

This stunning necklace is one of my most popular pieces and features a tiny real flower garden in tones of dusty pink and green with a few strands of opalescent peacock feather woven through, it's sure to make a lovely gift for any gardener. The plants inside include real pink mountain heather, white moss and star flowers.

Mushroom wish pendant necklace

This little terrarium necklace features two little mushrooms which I handsculpted from polymer clay on a bed of real green forest moss and under a glass dome. I add two or three real dandelion seeds for an extra touch of magic. I may have said it already, but this is another one of my most popular necklaces and a perfect gift for any mushroom forager.

Real winter snowdrop flower pendant

This beautiful piece features a single white snowdrop that I grew and picked from my own garden in the earliest days of Spring, before preserving it to last a lifetime in a solid eco-resin dome. This piece would make an amazing sentimental present on Christmas morning or for a winter birthday.