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Make a wish pendant


Enchanting little dandelion ' Wish and a whisper' bottle necklace! I made this pendant by encapsulating a single Dandelion wish from my garden in a little glass vial.

Folklore says that blowing the feathery little seeds off a dandelion will carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one or will grant you a wish! So here is your very own wish and a whisper, encased in a tiny little glass vial for safe keeping, until the time you might need it.

Traditionally dandelions bring good luck and fine weather on your wedding day, so this would make a wonderful luck charm for any summer bride, especially if she is getting married in Irelannd.


  • Chain length: 18 inches
  • Materials: Glass, Sterling silver or 14k gold chain
  • Notes:  Please store away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, please remove before bathing



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